title equine mortality


Mortality Insurance
Equine Mortality is a "life" insurance policy for your horse, with you, the owner, as beneficiary. Your horse is insured against death due to accident, injury, illness, or disease.

This includes if the horse has to be put down for humane reasons. The insurance also insures your horse against theft. The policy covers the horse while it is in the continental United States; coverage in other countries can be purchased.


Coverage Options:

"Major Medical"- will reimburse you reasonable veterinarian's fees for surgery and non-surgical expenses due to major illness and disease. Limits available are $7,500, $10,000 amd $15,000. There is a deductible and a limit per claim.

" Surgical" - will cover reasonable surgeon's fees and a portion of other fees related to surgery your horse requires because of an accident, sickness, or disease. There is a deductible and a limit per claim.

" Actual Cash Value" -is the current market value of the horse at the time of loss.

" Agreed Value" - the value of the horse is "agreed" upon by the insurer and you when the policy is issued; this is the amount that is paid if the horse should die. - How to justify the value of your horse

" Loss of Use" - will pay you if your horse becomes permanently unable to perform the use as listed on your policy. The range and availability of the coverage depends on the horse's age and discipline; a veterinary exam and e-rays will be required.

" Infertility - insures the fertility of your stallion.

" Air Transit" - provides coverage for shipping your horse by air internationally.