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Care, Custody and Control

Care, Custody and Control insurance is essential protection for those who board, train, or breed horses for others.


It provides medical care or replacement cost up to the policy limits if a non-owned horse in your care is injured, becomes ill, or dies and you are found negligent. Defense costs are also covered. Trailering is automatically included in this coverage usually with a limited mile radius from your facility. This coverage is excluded from general liability and farm package policies.

Coverage highlights

* Defense and court costs for litigation, and payment for judgments up to the
  aggregate policy amount ( per animal limit applies)
* No deductible applies
* Choose from various limits to meet your needs
* Can be added by endorsement to a farm policy, an equine liability policy or
  purchased as a separate policy.

Please contact our office to discuss you Care, Custody and Control needs and to obtain a quote.